Prevail On Zamfara Govt To Rescind Purported Ban On NGOs -CIMPARR-NIGERIA Urge Security Agencies, To Forestall Citizens Chaos

The Civil- Military, Police and Paramilitary Relations (CIMPARR-NIGERIA) is shocked to receive the news going around the media and the subsequent statement released by the Zamfara State government through the State Ministry of Security and Home Affairs on the banning of Civil Society Organisations in the State.

The Civil-Military, Police and Paramilitary Relations (CIMPARR-NIGERIA) strongly condemn this order by the Zamfara State Governor. We must state clearly that this order is a clear violation of fundamental rights of citizens to freedom of association and expression, and it is unacceptable in a democratic society. We also want to state here clearly that the Governor of Zamfara nor the Government of Zamfara State does not have the rights such as this and cannot issue such orders as we are in a democratic society as such orders as this, can only enthrone public disorder and breach of public peace.

The Government of Zamfara State should also know that, its laws and policies cannot conflict that of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which guarantees the rights of all citizens on freedom of association, worship and assembly. Let us state clearly that Civil Society Organisations play a vital role in promoting a voice for the voiceless, advocates for the protection of the human rights, and hold government accountable for their actions. Banning their activities is a direct attack on the principles of democracy and the rule of law.

CIMPARR-NIGERIA therefor, wants all security agencies to know that orders such as this can only inflict injury on citizens and promotes chaos while becoming a threat to National Security. Thus, we urge the Governor of Zamfara State to immediately reverse this order and allow civil society Organisations to continue their important work. We also call on the Nigerian Government to take swift action to protect the rights of citizens and ensure that the democratic space is not eroded by such actions. We stand in solidarity with the civil society Organisations in Zamfara state and will continue to support their efforts to promotes human rights, democracy, and good governance. Thanks, Yours Sincerely,

Amb. Green I. Isaac (IRAMP, AFP, IAPM) Coordinator,


15th February, 2023

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