Reports Indicates High Demands For Sex Enhancing Drugs Ahead Of Valentine Celebrations

An independent investigations and interactions  with patent stores Dealers in Port Harcourt  by one of our sources indicate that there is high demand for sex enhancing drugs between yesterday Monday and Tuesday morning for the Valentine’s day celebrations.
Our source who is also rights advocates explained that “Ironically, many of the persons purchasing the drugs do not know their High Blood Pressure status”
That is how a man who unknown to him that he is hypertensive last year took overdose of sex enhancing drugs and died in post valentine marathon sex match with a 23 year old girl in a hotel at Ada George, Porthacourt.
Interaction with Patent Medicine Dealers (Chemist) between Monday and Tuesday shows that there is high demand for the drugs.

Another observer also noted that majority didn’t sleep at home last night, and will still not sleep at home today.
At this age and time, we can only say what we know is the best, and leave you to decide and do what you think is the best, but they should remember whatever they sow, they will reap.

He advised that “For those going for hook up, they should try and drop address with their friends, so  that they can get help or justice in case of any yawa” he concluded

However  a concerned Nigerian has said  VALENTINE is a TIME to REFLECT and SHOW TRUE (AGAPE) LOVE, St. Valentine was saint who showed love to all especially the less privileged ones. His major concerned was to ensure he put smiles on the face of all. He went out of the way to deprive himself of his entitlements and benefits for the sake of others.
Today we celebrate him, but what hurts is that most of our youths has taken it to be Sexual day and as a result have confused young girls and ladies who for the love for earthly and material things lost their integrity and committed sexual immorality.
Do not be weighed down by the above, rather let it serve as a call to adjust, and take a bold step. Look around and effect lives positively “What you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me” ” When i was hungry you fed me, when i was nakes you clothed me…..”
Its all about divine and agape love.

Happy Valentine’s day and May God Shower his Love upon you and all that relates and concerns you.

Hon. Benjamin Nzelibe
Nkenkenyi Oraifite

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