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Spain Launch Rescue Search As Over 300 Senegalese Migrants Boat Vanishes Off Canary Islands

In a distressing incident, a small fishing boat carrying at least 200 African migrants from Senegal has disappeared off the coast of the Canary Islands. The vessel departed from Kafountine, a town in southern Senegal, and was en route to the Canary Islands, located approximately 1,700 kilometers (1,057 miles) away. The aid group Walking Borders has reported that numerous children were among the passengers. Spanish rescuers, including a search plane, are tirelessly combing the waters in search of the missing boat.

Alongside the vessel carrying 200 people, two other similar boats carrying dozens of individuals are also unaccounted for, bringing the total number of missing migrants to more than 300. While limited details are available about these two boats, Helena Maleno from Walking Borders stated that one boat carried around 65 people, and the other held up to 60. This alarming incident follows closely after one of the worst Mediterranean migrant shipwrecks in Europe, where an overcrowded trawler sank off the Greek coast, resulting in numerous casualties.

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The journey from West Africa to the Canary Islands is regarded as one of the most perilous migration routes. Migrants often embark on this treacherous voyage in simple dugout fishing boats, which are highly vulnerable to the powerful Atlantic currents. Tragically, last year alone, at least 559 individuals lost their lives attempting to reach the Spanish islands, according to the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM). The IOM warns that despite a decrease in irregular arrivals in the Canary Islands compared to previous years, the flow of migrants along this dangerous route remains high since 2020.The search and rescue operation off the Canary Islands serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges posed by the Europe migrant crisis. Urgent international cooperation is needed to address the plight of migrants who risk their lives in search of better opportunities. As authorities intensify their efforts to locate the missing boats, the incident underscores the need for comprehensive strategies to ensure the safety and well-being of migrants, while addressing the root causes that compel individuals to embark on such perilous journeys.

Source: BBC

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