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Street Sales Of Cash: CIMPARR NIGERIA Raise Concerns Over Weak Handling Of Scarce Naira Notes

Civil-Military, Police and Paramilitary Relations CIMPARR-NIGERIA have noted with concerns the weak handling of the scarce naira by Central Bank of Nigeria, Commercial banks and POS agents on the streets of Nigeria. We also have credible information around the reported cases of hoarding and subsequently selling the currency notes at exorbitant rates to desperate individuals. This practice is not only unethical but also exacerbates the already dire economic situation in the country.
We call on the relevant authorities to take urgent steps to address this issue, including strengthening the regulation and supervision of the currency exchange market, and imposing strict sanctions on those found engaging in illegal and exploitative practices.
Thus, we strongly caution against the use of these hoarded naira notes to influence the upcoming 2023 elections starting from tomorrows presidential, National Assembly and Governorship Elections respectively. We remind all political actors of the need to abide by the laws and regulations governing campaign financing and to ensure transparency and accountability in their election spending.
CIMPARR-NIGERIA will deploy her members all over the units where elections will take place in Nigeria and we are equally prepared to take legal action against any party found to be using these illegally obtained naira notes for political purposes, and we urge the federal government to demonstrate its commitment to the rule of law and the integrity of the electoral process by taking decisive action against any such wrongdoing by giving a marching order to the law enforcement agencies to swing to action now.
“It is concerning to hear about the series of pre-election attacks, attempted assassinations, and gagging of civic and media spaces, that have been reported in Nigeria, particularly in Rivers State and other states. These incidents not only pose a threat to the safety and security of individuals but also undermine the democratic process and the ability of citizens to exercise their rights to participate in free and fair elections.
It is important that the Nigeria Police and other relevant authorities take swift action to investigate these incidents and bring the perpetrators to justice. This will help to deter future attacks and promote a culture of accountability and respect for the rule of law.
Furthermore, it is crucial that efforts are made to protect civic spaces and ensure that citizens can freely express their views and participate in political activities without fear of intimidation or violence. This will help to foster a more inclusive and democratic society in Nigeria.
Overall, it is important for all stakeholders to work together to create a safe and secure environment for elections and to promote a culture of respect for human rights and the rule of law. Finally, we are aware of the hardship that citizens are currently undergoing and paying the price as the scourge for naira scarcity continues while a few placed individuals connive with banks branch managers and intercepts the few naira note that is supposed to be meant for general circulations for the purposes of influencing the elections.
CIMPARR-NIGERIA wants the authority to understand that we are currently recording happenings within the election cycle and will not hesitate to drag any individual, institutions that undermines the rule of law to court.
Comrade Green I. Isaac (IRAMP, AFP, IAPM)

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