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TrackNews Publisher Escapes Assassination Attempt In Yenagoa

There was an assassination attempt on the life of Ogidi Ben Bara (OBB,), the CEO of TrackNews Media Ltd who is a native of Fonibiri and Eniwari communities in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa State .

For several months now, Hon. Bara has been having security challenges based on intelligence report, a reason why he has not comfortably stayed in his house for several months now.

On Saturday 4th of November, 2023, marked the peak of what had lingered on in his political life, as he is a firm party man of the PDP and strong believer, preacher and lover of the Diri Gospel in the bid of returning His Excellency Senator Douye Diri for a second term in office.

Hon. Bara, has always joined the PDP Campaign train for the November gubernatorial elections in the state wherever campaigns were held and he has done so peacefully as a law abiding citizen of the Federal republic of Nigeria. But, some political marauders never liked his supporting and working for Senator Douye Diri.

Narrating his ordeal to the press, “after leaving the campaign ground at OMPADEC Amarata in Yenagoa Local Government Area which closed a little late on November 4, 2023 , I went as usual to drop one of my workers at the Etegwe Roundabouts then headed to Agbura to drop my PA. My Personal Secretary and I were the ones in the car returning after dropping off my PA . Just after we negotiated the first bend after the first bridge in Agbura, I was busy discussing with my personal secretary on the way forward in the forthcoming elections, and we heard a loud gun shot targeted at our car , precisely at the “owner’s seat”, where I normally sit and where I sat all through yesterday when we joined the campaign train” Bara said.

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“The noise of the gun was so loud that the only thing I remember saying was blood of Jesus while I heard my personal secretary saying zoom off. From all indications, it was a well organized and calculated attempt because I normally drop off my PA, so the attackers assumed and got it right that I would come around after the campaigns. By the special grace of God, I was the one driving and wasn’t seated at my regular spot at the back seat which was accurately targeted,” he continued.

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He said he has been threatened severally by some mischievous persons who have vowed to make him see hell because they thought he has constantly been a thorn in their flesh politically and that this is nothing but a clear attack from those persons.

According to Hon. Ogidi Ben Bara, his style of politics has always been that of ideology and diplomacy, non confrontational and non violent as he has never conceived or partaken in violence as far as politics is concerned.

He said he remains a firm democrat who believes in the power of the ballots and not bullets and that threat to his life will not make him shift his game to that of complete annihilation of political opponents.

He therefore called on the security agencies, to as a matter of urgency rise up to the occasion and ensure that the security of voters and all INEC officials are guaranteed on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

He also urged the security agencies to look into his assassination attempt with keen interest in order to bring to book the perpetrators of the ill-advised and conceived act of barbarism and political witch-hunt as it is his right to belong and support any political party he deemed fit.

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He added: “My only crime is supporting His Excellency Senator Douye Diri for a second term in office. Our democracy has grown above this level of bullets instead of ballots, something that must be relegated to the background. You can’t maim, threaten or kill people in your quest to govern, it is unacceptable, something that must be resisted in its entirety. The relevant authorities have been briefed and a police report has been entered and I believe the law will take it’s full course, Hon. Bara added.

His car was damaged but no harm came to him or his personal secretary, as two of them were in the vehicle.

He thanked well-wishers, supporters , family and friends that have stood by him since the unfortunate incident happened. Most especially God Almighty God for His goodness and mercy upon hi life.

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