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Viral Video Of Police Officer Assaulting Citizens On Emohua Road: CIMPPAR-NIGERIA Applauds Rivers Command For Swift Action

The  Civil-Military Police and Paramilitary Relations CIMPPAR-NIGERIA on Police Accountability, Respect for the Rule of Law, protection of citizens and properties in Nigeria.

Police and Paramilitary Relations CIMPPAR-NIGERIA Condemning the viral video on social media of a Police Officer beating up and assaulting a citizen no matter the provocation

This behavior by law enforcement officers is not only illegal but also completely unacceptable in a democratic society. The police are expected to be the protectors of citizens and maintain law and order in a fair and just manner. Such acts of brutality and abuse of power by law enforcement officers only serve to undermine the rule of law and erode the trust and confidence of the people in the police force.

We urge the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, the AIG zone 16, and the Inspector General of Police to carry out a swift and impartial investigation into this incident, and ensure that the officer responsible is held accountable for his actions. We also call on the police leadership to take steps to ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future, by providing better training to officers on the use of force, and by enforcing strict disciplinary measures against officers who engage in misconduct.

In a swift reaction to the earlier press release

CIMPPAR-NIGERIA applauds the Rivers State Commissioner of Police CP Okon Effiong, and entire Police Hierarchy for stepping in swiftly to order the arrest of the erring police officer in the gory event of today which had a police officer on duty assault a citizen.

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Effective civil-military police and paramilitary relations are crucial for maintaining peace, security, and stability in any society. In Nigeria, for instance, the police and paramilitary agencies such as the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, and Nigerian Air Force are expected to work together to provide security and protect citizens’ lives and property.

The relationship between the police and citizens is particularly important in promoting trust and cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the public. Police officers must conduct themselves professionally and treat citizens with respect, in line with the principles of community policing.

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In situations where police officers are found to have acted outside the bounds of their authority, it is essential for senior police officers to take swift action and hold those officers accountable for their actions. This sends a clear message that police misconduct will not be tolerated and reinforces the principles of accountability and transparency.

Overall, promoting positive civil-military police and paramilitary relations requires a commitment to professionalism, respect for human rights, and a willingness to hold individuals accountable for their actions. Amb. Green Isaac,(AFP, AIPM) Coordinator, CIMPPAR-NIGERIA,

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